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digital magazines: publishers need to explain their costs…

…seriously. I had no idea what magazines cost, well I knew they were expensive, but had no clue as to the actual prices. 

It was only while helping mom to download a few of her favourite mags onto her iPad, that the whole dirty issue became apparent. Well to me anyway.

I know how publishing works. Been in advertising for a long time. 

Take Home & Leisure for example. Street price R31.00 (I had to phone the head office to get the figure - no info on the website).

To download onto iPad? R24.00.

Well yes, it is seemingly a lot cheaper. Bargain. Right?

I don’t think so. 

Twenty four bucks gets me a PDF version of the printed magazine. That’s it! No interactive videos. No fancy schmancy voodoo like the stuff Popular Mechanics has come up with. No, just a crappy PDF version of what’s on the shelf.

Factor in the costs of MY internet connection, and multiply that with slow download speeds, I think it’s way too expensive.

For heaven’s sake, all they’ve done is dump the pre-printed layout into PDF format.

And then to add insult to injury, there’s all those crappy magazine ads… the least they could have done is either take them out (I’d pay a premium for that alone) OR - HOW ABOUT THIS BRAINWAVE - make the advertisers contact no’s and website details CLICKABLE! Imagine that, playing to the iPad’s strength… 

And for that you charge R6 less than the printed product? SHAME on you.

I for one think you should charge the consumer R5 for this shitty product.

R6 for the version without advertising.

I’d rather pay the R31 for the printed magazine - it has more use after the fad has faded: I could use it to start the firewood. Or give it to the poor, so they can wipe their arses.

The digital version? I cannot even click through to websites OR, get this, actually view a DPS layout. Total waste of precious memory.

You think you can fool the consumer? Think again.


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